Karen E. Anderson, DPM

What’s special about Dr. Karen Anderson’s practice?

Karen E. Anderson, DPM specializes in treating chronic pain. She has been able to solve, on a daily basis, foot pain that patients have endured for months and years.

“I use a combination of a very thorough physical exam, gait evaluation and a neurological postural exam. The latter is a specialized test that helps pinpoint the source of the pain. Pain is not always experienced at the source of the problem. Even Dr. Scholl’s products demonstrate this – there’s an arch support meant to relieve back pain. It is called quite simply the “Back Pain Relief” insole. A foot problem can be manifested as back pain, and certainly vice versa. An arthritic joint in the forefoot can cause you to disproportionately bear weight on your heel or opposite foot, causing pain in the heel or opposite foot – not the damaged joint. This is common enough that I always perform the postural test for chronic pain. Once I establish the source of the problem, I can help you resolve the pain.”

Dr. Anderson is backed by a dedicated staff. We have our trusted medical assistant who works side by side with the doctor, ushers the patients through their visit, and also admirably handles every aspect of our referral and procedure schedules. She even assists Dr. Anderson on office procedures and minor surgeries. Our front office coordinator will work tirelessly to secure authorizations, the impossible appointment and, when needed, the best referral you can possibly get in San Diego. We rely on some of the best specialists in San Diego to treat associated problems – vascular, orthopedic, neurological and internal medicine, to name a few. We simply work with the best. Patients inevitably come back with high praise for the care they received.

Feet may be the foundation of your posture and strength, but it takes a functioning circulatory, nervous and respiratory system to walk. If ANY of these is in failure, you won’t move efficiently. If you lose efficiency, it takes more work to walk. More work=more wear and tear=pain. Let all of us help you get back on your feet.